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By empowering organizations to take a closer look at the needs of the people they are creating for, unmet needs and opportunities for improvement begin to surface. Exploring design problems from a new direction can help you discover innovative solutions that will have lasting impacts.

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How does our work intersect with urban design?


Conduct Research

Go out into the world to talk with and observe people's attitudes + behaviours so that we can better understand how they experience your product, service or space.

Actions that can happen in this step:

  • User Research
  • Market Research
  • Gap Analysis
  • Journey Mapping


Generate Ideas

After conducting the research, we will be able to uncover ways that we can improve your product or service to create the best possible experience.

Actions that can happen in this step:

  • Design Workshop
  • Service Blueprint
  • Opportunity Canvas


Conceptualize the Solution

After opportunities emerge, we will hone in on the idea that you want to execute and develop it into a testable concept.

Actions that can happen in this step:

  • Design Workshops
  • Service Solution Prototype
  • Design Charrette


Test Your Concept

Prototype your concept and get it in front of real people to make sure that it will be received positively when launched.

Actions that can happen in this step:

  • Testable Prototype
  • Additional User Research
  • Feedback Summary
  • Design Refinement

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