Our Story

Disco Innovation Studio was born out of a desire to have a positive impact on our community. Our work is focussed on placing human beings at the centre of all experiences, and our studio was founded on an innate drive to dig deep, solve problems, and meet the ever-evolving needs of products, services, and organizations.

Our clients and partners

Meet Roxanne.

Roxanne believes that simple and smooth user experiences grow out of intentional user research and iterations of design.

Human-centred design has informed Roxanne’s work in both the private and public sector. As a Toronto transplant currently living in Victoria, British Columbia, Roxanne designs experiences that are informed by a deep understanding of the motivations and behaviours of the end user. Using design thinking, she has facilitated organizational change of systems, products and processes through her design work in many spheres: tech start-ups, e-commerce, and environmental ministries at the provincial level.

Creds: Degree in Media, Information & Technology [Western University], Masters Degree in Environmental Communication and Design [Royal Roads University], User Experience Design Certification [University of Toronto]

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Meet Lena.

Lena’s work is rooted in a desire to create positive progress in the world. She believes that to create change (large or small) we need to understand context, experiences, and the forces that are effecting people — technology, organizations and culture — and break free from what we believe to be constraints. If we do this, we can achieve sustainable and innovative solutions.  

Lena has worked for over 12 years designing intentional and innovative products, services and spaces. Her work demonstrates the success that can come from designing with intention.

Creds: Masters of Sustainable Place Making and Urban Design  [Kingston University - London, UK], Bachelors of arts [Geography, University of Victoria - Victoria, BC ], Certified Less Practitioner - Large Scale Scrum [LeSS]

Meet Jacqueline.

Jacqueline approaches complex problems by focusing on empathising with her user’s needs throughout the entire cycle of the design process. Her work in the mental health industry has sparked an appreciation for human-centered design long before she became a designer where she employed a client-centered perspective and saw the difference this makes in an organization for both employees and client care. This is why she advocates for her users throughout each step of the design process. 

She believes that design thinking is not just a way of developing a visually appealing product, but a method of creating a service that delivers evidence-based value to its users by means of thoughtful iteration and user research. She believes that a great designer listens with empathy and shows up with the curiosity and openness in order to create intentional and meaningful designs.

Creds: Bachelor of Arts [Psychology and Linguistics, Simon Fraser University], Design Thinking [Interaction Design Foundation], User Experience Design Diploma [BrainStation], User Experience Design Certificate [in progress, University of Toronto]