Case Studies

At Disco Innovation Studio, we know the value of showcasing our best work. While documenting past engagements is important, we also like to celebrate our wins and reflect on ways that we can improve our own service delivery and experience. Our portfolio of showcased work is a high level overview of clients that we have worked with in a wide range of sectors: public, private, non-profit and beyond.

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University of British Columbia

Proof of Concept for a Clinical Digital Skills Tool

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This work is a collaboration between Disco Innovation Studio, White Coat North, Jillian Carruthers, and DigitalSpace.

As a result of the Covid 19 social distance regulations, there was a significant impact to medical studentโ€™s ability at UBC to access in-person patient experiences. The loss of this component revealed a gap in the learning experience of students and in turn, opened up an opportunity to modernize study practices and enhance curriculum with a digital tool that could support this element of learning.

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Ministry of Energy and Mines, B.C Government

Service Design Research and Recommendations

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This work was a collaboration between Disco Innovation Studio, Public Digital (UK), Freshworks Studio and the Province of British Columbia.

The mining regulatory process is complex. There is legislative oversight from a wide range of federal and provincial regulatory acts, from the Environmental Assessment Act at the federal and provincial level to the provincial Water Sustainability Act and beyond. The B.C. Government recognizes that because regulating a mine is a multi-ministry process, information and data sharing between ministry staff, proponents, and the public can be inconsistent, inefficient, and lack transparency. Because of this, Disco Innovation Studio sought to streamline experiences for those interacting with the Natural Resource Sector in the B.C. Government.